Jason ‘Doc’ Ludwig – Owner & Operator

…Born, Raised & Still Residing in Los Angeles

Education & Experience

I started out in the car audio business in 1989, and went on to receive a degree in Electronics Engineering Technology, as well as my Mobile Electronics Certification (MECP). After graduation I took my new found knowledge back into the automotive industry to gain as much hands on experience as possible. The Mobile A/V business gave me extensive knowledge in audio, video, security, navigation, relay logic & the 12-Volt industry in general. My creativity with audio and electronics quickly excelled until my skills morphed into high-end audio installations, interior fabrication, and customized relay logic components. Eager to further my knowledge and creativity, my focus shifted to the Hot Rod industry. My background allowed me to add a unique technological twist to an otherwise classic industry. I began rewiring hot rods and classics from scratch with my own hand built harnesses and fuse blocks. Soon after I began integrating security systems, custom switching systems, and accessory circuits per customer request.

I then decided to branch out on my own to perform installations and repairs the only way I knew how — THE RIGHT WAY! And so Doc’s Garage was born.

My Methods

Over the years I’ve worked at many high-end shops in Southern California, and utilized only the best techniques for my own style and brand of installations. The methods which I now employ are a unique blend of creativity, precision, detail, and technology. I am very creative and will come up with unique solutions to whatever you may desire, and my attention to detail is a key factor for a very clean end result.

Quality of workmanship is of the utmost importance… Corners are never cut for any reason.

Customer satisfaction is very important to me, and although I have a very specific way of working, listening to what the client wants and implementing it, is very high on my priority list.

I understand the importance of your vehicle and what it means to you. Whether it’s a high-end/high-dollar restoration or your daily driver, I treat every car with the utmost respect and will handle it carefully. I strive for a stress free and fun experience. These vehicles are your babies, hobbies, daily drivers, show cars, and in many cases, your lifestyles. Whatever it is to you, we’ll take care of it.

Extra Mile

Also, while working on your car, I’m not just doing my job; I’m going the extra mile. That means problem prevention, taking notice of everything around. If I notice anything that may be of concern to you, I’ll let you know.

What You Can Expect

With 28 years of hands-on experience in the automotive industry, I have the knowledge and know-how to integrate technology and old school, creating a perfect blend of everything you want with everything you need.

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