Car Audio Installation


stealth car audio installation
Our stealth car audio installations are just as the word implies — out of sight. This specialty style of installation was born from the desire to maintain the factory look and integrity of the stock interior. No visible audio equipment whatsoever. This may also mean hiding the radio. It might be hidden in the glove box, under a seat, or even in the trunk. Whenever the radio is hidden, we will use an infra-red repeater so the system can be controlled by the driver, via wireless remote control, even if the radio is mounted in the trunk. This is something we do very well.

But to be clear, if you desire a full-blown custom audio system that is meant to be shown, our fabrication skills will definitely be utilized to accomplish that.

Custom Car Audio Installation

car audio installationOur experience in custom car audio installation is extensive. We’ve completed countless installations in all types of vehicles, including multiple SEMA builds. Over the past decade we’ve honed in on classic cars, creating audio installations to fit all types of needs and vehicles, from OEM restorations to full custom builds.




car audio installation An unobtrusive, hidden audio installation will be created if your car is all original.

If you have a custom hod rod or muscle car, an audio installation that will best match your vehicle, your style and your desires will be created for you.



Modifications to Your Classic

There is definitely a certain way to work on classic cars. They are not like every other car out there. These are vehicles that were built with pride and ingenuity, and there are simply a limited number of them left. They should be worked on with care — the ultimate goal being to preserve their originality. When we do a classic car audio installation, we modify nothing unless requested to do so.


Attaining a Quality Sound System

Rest assured that whatever type of audio installation you choose, it will be well thought out, clean, and of solid construction. We utilize only quality materials. Creativity, attention to detail, and incredible quality of workmanship set our car audio installations apart from anything else.

System setup and design also play a key role in a great sounding audio system.

Another crucial factor which leads to an incredible end result is proper audio tuning. You may have the best quality audio components available, but if your system is not properly setup and tuned, the sound will be far from optimized or simply not sound good. A properly tuned system makes the difference between night and day.

We know how to properly setup and tune a system to utilize all that it has to offer.


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