From structural frame modifications, to functional and aesthetically pleasing metal fabrication, to rust repair, to simple brackets… Our welding and metal work is top notch.


Cooling Systems:

Appropriate engine cooling is essential. A good cooling system should consist of a proper sized radiator, a proper sized cooling fan, a sufficient water pump, the right temperature thermostat, and the proper amount of coolant.
Overheating is a big problem, and appropriate component selection and installation is essential for a cool running car.



Sound-proofing, sound dampening, sound deadening, heat shielding;
All these phrases refer to the same thing… A level of sound and heat resistance, similar to what you would find in a newer car.
Dynamat is probably the most widely known material used for this purpose.
It adheres to the interior metal surfaces of the vehicle, and immediately makes the sheet metal much denser.
This material will drastically reduce heat, vibration, and road noise in the cab.
If you have an audio system, it’ll definitely help the overall sound as well.


Power Windows & Door Locks:

Let’s face it… Modern conveniences are nice, even if they were never originally included on your classic.
Whether your vehicle has original power windows and door locks or not; We can repair, improve upon, replace, or add them… And do it right!


Security & Convenience:

A security system is not only a theft deterrent, it’s often a hub to control the power options on your car. It’ll not only protect your vehicle, it can control door locks, windows, door poppers, trunk release, air bags, auto car start, and more.
As with all things electrical, proper installation is very important… Doc’s Garage is well versed and knows all the tricks.


Alternator Upgrades:

Whether you want more amperage, or have an original generator, or just want to get rid of the external voltage regulator to clean up the engine bay… There’s a charging system out there for you.
*Generators are antiquated, low amperage, and highly inefficient.
*A higher amperage alternator to drive your after-market accessories is a must if you want your charging system to keep up.
*Sometimes alternator bracket modifications are needed, but certainly well worth the effort.
*‘Single-Wire’ alternators have internal voltage regulators, can be high amperage, and clean up the look of the engine bay because there is no need for an external voltage regulator or additional wiring.
Whatever the need is, Doc’s Garage knows how to take care of it.


Ignition Systems:

If you’re thinking about bang for your buck, one of the best upgrades you can do for the money is adding an electronic ignition module to your factory distributor. It’s unobtrusive and incredibly effective. Yes, there are electronic ignition modules that can be hidden inside your distributor without any external devises… It replaces the stock points.
It delivers twice the voltage or more (over points) to the spark plugs, increasing horsepower, fuel economy, and spark plug life.
And never again would you have to worry about points burning up or having to adjust the dwell… You would never have to replace or adjust them again!
Proper installation is crucial for this… and we make sure it’s done right!

Another more well known form of ignition enhancement is an HEI distributor. This is practical, convenient, and effective. The coil is built right into the distributor cap, and an electronic ignition module is built into the distributor.

And there’s one more way to seriously step up your ignition system… capacitive or multiple spark discharge boxes. MSD is a very popular brand for this type of setup. These are high performance ignition systems that can be run in a wide variety of applications with a wide variety of distributors.


Gauge Replacement & Repair:

Having proper functioning gauges is very important for the longevity of your vehicles vital components. Staying informed and knowing what your oil pressure, water temperature, and voltage are, can save you from a big expensive problem.
There are many different reasons for upgrading or replacing gauges… Maybe you like the digital look. Maybe you have too many warning lights and not enough gauges. Maybe your original gauges just don’t work anymore. Maybe your gauges aren’t accurate enough. Maybe you want a different style. Maybe it’s just time for an upgrade.
Whatever the reason, there’s gauges out there to do what you need them to do, and to look the way you want them to.
If you want to keep everything original, we can repair and refurbish what’s there.
No matter how complicated it gets, we can handle it!


Electric Fan Installations:

Proper engine cooling is crucial for longevity, and if insufficient, can turn a fun cruise into a bummer on the side of the road.
Not only are mechanical fans often times not sufficient enough to cool properly, they are notorious for robbing precious horsepower from your motor.
When installed properly with the right size equipment, adding electric cooling fans are efficient, effective, and unobtrusive.
Additionally, the use of a thermostat controlled switch will also increase efficiency.


Manual Window Repair/Replacement:

Are your manual windows hard to roll up or down?
Chances are there’s a problem with the window regulator assembly. Often times the regulators themselves are structurally okay; But over time, dirt and dust gets in there and turns the original grease into a very thick substance that gums up the regulators and makes it very difficult to roll up.
Sometimes the regulators are just broken.
Whatever the problem, we can deal with it and make them as good as new!

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