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classic car electricalDoes your car have electrical quirks that come and go as they please?

Is any of your lighting dim?

Does your battery keep dying on you?

Do your fuel, water, or oil gauges not work?

Ignition cutting out?

Any other strange problems, intermittent or constant?

Most classic car electrical issues can be traced back to an electrical short or faulty wiring. Often times it’s simply a problem of old wiring that is in need of replacement. Think about your classic cars’ old wiring that has had to endure 50, 60, even 70 years of heat and moisture. Additionally, it has most likely been spliced into, cut, repaired, and patched by dozens of mechanics over the years. Not only that, but age and the elements can simply cause a wire to get brittle and crack, exposing bare wire. Every time a wire is exposed to the elements, it has been exposed to one of its worst enemies — oxygen. Exposed wire is susceptible to rust and corrosion, which causes voltage drops due to added resistance in the line. This added resistance causes heat because the current is effectively being “bottle-necked” at that point. This heat can easily be severe enough to melt the shielding on a wire and start a fire.

Faulty wiring can also cause component failure, which will cost you more money. An electrical short can cause failure of the alternator, voltage regulator, electronic ignition, gauges, and more.

Your electrical system is one of the most important yet overlooked parts of your vehicle. For most people, it’s out of sight and out of mind. Think of it as your vehicle’s veins. You need a solid electrical system for your vehicle to perform to its optimum capability.


classic car electrical rewireA hot rod or street rod rewire will include hidden engine compartment wiring for a super clean and uncluttered under-hood look. It will also be fully customized with whatever electronic components and specifications you desire. Any wiring, switching, or electronics can be customized to your specs. I’m very creative and will come up with unique solutions for whatever you may desire.

A perfectly restored vehicle will be rewired to factory OEM specifications.

A classic daily driver or show car will be rewired to whatever your requests are.


classic car electrical repairDo you have electrical issues but don’t want a complete rewire?

That can be accommodated too. My trouble-shooting and diagnostic skills are second to none. Any electrical issue that your vehicle may have will be tracked down and repaired with materials that are as good as, if not better than, what was originally used from the factory.

6 to 12 Volt Conversions & Positive to Negative Ground Conversions

There’s a reason why 6 volt systems ceased to exist in vehicles long ago… They’re inefficient.
More current runs through a 6 volt system, and therefore the physical wire size needs to be larger.
The starting and charging systems leave much to be desired.
You can’t upgrade anything or add any modern conveniences, because everything now needs 12 volts to operate.
These conversions are something that definitely need to be done correctly. Gauges and other components can easily burn up if conversions have not properly been completed. It takes an expert to do this right, and Doc’s Garage is.


classic car electrical Los AngelesI also take the time to go the extra mile and take notice of anything that may be of concern to you. I’m not just narrowly focused on the task at hand.

Whether it’s a complete vehicle rewire or a simple repair, rest assured you are getting top-notch work. Corners will never be cut for any reason. Many years of hands-on, high-end restoration shop experience, along with the knowledge and know-how, allow me to do it only one way… the right way!

Doc’s Garage is the No. 1 shop in Los Angeles for classic car electrical systems, rewire and repair.

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