Classic Car Electrical, Audio and Interior Fabrication

Classic Car Electrical, Audio and Interior Fabrication

Doc’s Garage isn’t your typical classic car restoration shop. We specialize in the lifeblood or your automobile — the electrical system. In fact, that’s all we do, so you know you’re dealing with an expert.

classic car electricalWe specialize in the following areas:

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  • electrical rewire
  • electrical repair
  • custom audio installations
  • interior fabrication
  • custom wire harnesses


Most restoration shops don’t handle these projects themselves. They don’t have the expertise. In fact, they usually come to us and subcontract the work out. That ends up costing you money.

If your classic auto has electrical issues, needs a new audio system or a new interior, save yourself some time and money by coming directly to Doc’s Garage. After all, you wouldn’t go to a general practitioner if you had heart disease. You’d go see a cardiologist — someone who specializes in your specific problem.

The same should be true when you’re thinking of something as rare and valuable as a classic auto. When you need an expert in electrical, audio and interior fabrication, call Doc’s Garage.

(818) 216-2529

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